Our Story

                                                                                                E S T. 2 0 2 3 


For many “MC” has to do with rappers, or hip-hop stars. We are pleased to tell you that indeed you are correct! But here at “MCNEXT”, we aim to make you the star, by boosting your ego, resetting your wardrobe and uplifting your mood making you the “Main Character”. 




Mauricio is the C.E.O. of the company, who describes his story on how he created the brand, as following;




"Main Character Next started with a young boy's dream of becoming a great musician and fashion designer. He would always lose confidence within himself due to temporary struggles, but would always find his hope through anime and music. Together with faith, desire and the love for fashion, he got creative and started making his dreams come true."


Our message to you; if a young boy, can make his dream happen, so can you ! As long as you make yourself the Main Character in your life !




 MCNEXT was established in 2021, but was not in business until 2023. We made sure there was enough research and planning to ensure you are provided with high quality fashion. 

Our apparels are made with durable fabric, which won’t quit on you! We are confident in our products, hence why we strive to present you the most creative fashion. 


We Thank you, for allowing our brand to grow.